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Convergence Partnership Releases Its Next Strategic Direction

The Partnership is excited to charter a renewed course toward achieving Healthy People, Healthy Places.

April 11th - 13th, 2018Our Power. Our Future. Our Nation.Chicago, IL

The Convergence Partnership is a collaborative of foundation and health care institutions working to foster healthier and more equitable environments for all children and families.

At the local, state, regional, and national levels, the Partnership works at the intersection of multiple issues to advance healthy people and healthy places through joint action and policy and practice changes

There are now a total of eight organizations in the Partnership: Ascension Health, The California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, The Kresge Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Nemours, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Read more.

Improving access to healthy food and bringing a systems approach to investing in multisector policy solutions, the Partnership is committed to pursuing objectives and strategies that advance a more just and equitable food system. nike free viritous black trainers

Reflecting a bold and engaged network of more than 80 local and regional funders across the country, and thereby ensuring that the seeds of change are deeply rooted in a local context and are connected together for national impact. Read more.

Building a shared national movement for change that advances health, prosperity, and well-being requires extensive dissemination and sharing of lessons learned and stories of promise and success. Read more.

Webinar: Building a Healthy Corner Store Network In communities that lack supermarkets or other full-service food retail outlets, families depend on corner stores for the majority of their food purchases. Choices at these stores are often limited to processed foods and very little, if any, fresh produce. An effective approach to improving healthy food access in corner stores is the development and launch of Healthy Corner Store initiatives. This webinar explores strategies, tactics, best practices, and lessons learned on launching and implementing healthy corner store networks. Listen to the archives.

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To Ruse Or Not To Ruse

It is no secret that detectives have an insatiable appetite to procure a confession from a suspect. Most would tell you it is a great and satisfying result of their tedious efforts besides a token to their communication skills when successful. One of the most controversial police procedures is the use of trickery by law enforcement agents during an investigation but particularly in the course of obtaining a confession or admission.

In my police career, I have claimed to have evidence which did not exist and used many other ruses in order to extract information.Whether it is lying to a suspect, using a scheme, or introducing a staged event, the public still criticizes the legitimacy of police craftiness. The courts have ruled that telling a suspect certain evidence was found at a crime scene when in fact it was not, would not compel him or her to lie about whether they were in or on the premise, in possession of stolen property, or committed the criminal act. Therefore, skulduggery would not be the same as coercion, forcing them to confess to false events, nor would it be entrapment.

Standard law enforcement training cautions against overzealous law enforcement practices in order to uphold the integrity of a properly obtained confession, evidence, and to avoid any type of entrapment issues. Specific to police conduct, the courts declared in nike special field air force 1 black gum
, “Criminal activity is such that stealth and strategy are necessary weapons in the arsenal of the police officer.” At the same time, the justices had acknowledged the dangers and illegality of entrapment and warned against improper government conduct. Throughout history, however, numerous courts have upheld the use of deception by an investigator to obtain a confession is legal.

Yet, sometimes society still grasps with approval of this concept which they may surmise tarnishes the moral fiber of law enforcement. Defense attorneys love to use the deceptive strategies as a means to discredit the police to juries. Keeping these factors in mind, trickery is a risky practice and should be used with caution. For example, if a suspect calls your bluff or you expose the truth too soon, your credibility may be irreparable. The suspect may subsequently withdraw from conversations and a confession never secured. So why is it a police praxis? Because it is effective.

In order to take advantage of the new features and latest security improvements brought by the Ledger firmware 1.4 , we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S. Note that this update could take up to 15mn.

we strongly recommend our users to update their Nano S.

To know which firmware your Nano S runs , check it by opening the "Settings" on the Nano S itself:Settings > Device > Firmware (if your device is new, as in not configured, power it on while pressing the right button for 5 seconds. It will go in recovery mode and give you access to the dashboard, and settings)

To know which firmware your Nano S runs

Please be advised that any cryptocurrency applications you have previously installed on your Nano S will have to be re-installed following the update of your device. This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts: you’ll retrieve your balances as soon as the apps are re-installed. As a reminder, uninstalling an app does not impact your coin account, nor does it impact your seed.

This has no impact on your cryptocurrency accounts:

Updating the firmware of the Nano S won't wipe your seed. However, make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up and accessible.

make sure your 24 recovery words are properly backed-up

Warning: if you have an older version of the firmware (<1.3) then your Nano S will be reset during the update, and you'll have to use your 24 words to restore your wallet after you have upgraded to 1.4.1.

In any case, if you have further questions, nike free run 40 purple and green

Please follow these instructions very carefully .

very carefully

If you are having any issue during the update, please read our FAQ (bottom part) which contains troubleshooting tips.

Launch the Ledger Manager (available ) on your PC/MAC, and connect your Ledger Nano S to your computer.

If your device is new (not configured with a seed), then press the right button (the one far away from the USB connector, closer to the hole) while plug in the cable. Maintain the button pressed for 5 seconds until you see " Recovery ". Release the button, and you will go to the dashboard.


minWordSizefor2Typos (default: 8)

As soon as the query contains at least minWordSizefor2Typos characters, the engine will allow up to two typos in matches.


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(default: true)

This setting can have 4 different values:

true : activate typo-tolerance

false : disable typo-tolerance


min : keep only results with the lowest number of typos. For example, if the smallest number of typos found is 0, then no results with typos at all will be returned. If the smallest number of typos found is 2, then no results with more than 2 typos will be returned.

strict : same as min, but + 1, meaning, keep the 2 smallest number of typos.


Typos are counted per-word . In the case of multi-word queries, it’s possible for each query word to have up to 2 typos, according to minWordSizefor1Typo and minWordSizefor2Typo .

per-word minWordSizefor2Typo

When typoTolerance is set to strict, we force the Typo criterion to be first in the ranking formula.


When using a sort-by attribute, we recommend setting typo-tolerance to min to reduce the number of potentially irrelevant search results.


By default, Algolia does not consider singulars and plurals as matches. You can override this default behaviour by setting ignorePlurals to true.

If activated, this feature is designed to match words written in the plural form if the query is in the singular form, and vice-versa. It’s built on a dictionary of singular and plural forms of words in over eighty languages. It works for simple plurals like hand ⇄ hands as well as more complex ones like feet ⇄ foot .

This parameter accepts a boolean or array value. We recommend passing an array of the specific ISO codes of languages you target. For example:

allowTyposOnNumericTokens (default: true)

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